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Manramasn` http://asekose.am/hy_AM/news/6/259145-tigran-mnacakanyann-ou-nra-2-rd-kine-sksel-en-handipel—erb-mariame-der-15-tarekan-er-nor-bacahaytoumner.html

By telling truth and truth, Mary was referring to the fact that she was 15 or 14 years old, married to a 21-year-old man. Well, let’s leave it aside. 2016 Tigran Mnatsakanyan became his father for the second time after his son’s birth, meaning that Mariam was next to him in this period. This fact has been proven by Mariam in one of her interviews. «We started to be together when he was divorced, but his love was still there when he and his wife were together», but did not mention how long they had been together.

I do not want to, and I do not even have the right to refer to Mariam’s parents and their upbringing to their daughter, but it’s obvious that the 15-year-old girl had other goals in life. Dear Mary, You and all those who think that no one has the right to intervene in someone else’s private life, let’s remind you that you and Tigran, all of them, have started interviewing and revealing the hidden aspects of the Armenian reality to the strange story.

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