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Yerkir Apricot Party and its President Zaruhi Postanjyan became the only party in Armenia that fulfills its pre-election pledge. The party promised to turn the life of Yerevan Council of Elders RPA and Taron Margaryan into hell and turn it into hell.
There is no sitting of the Yerevan Council of Elders, during which there are no scandals. At the same time, every word, statement, and act of members of Yerkir Apricot turns into a scandal. And they refer to the theft of Yerevan authorities, the abuse, corruption, and so on.

Interestingly, Yerkir Tsirani will fulfill his promise of a nationwide uprising.
Today’s scandal is a high point. The members of the BS brought to the Council meeting sewage wastewater and spread them in the hallway, as well as «delivering» Taron Margaryan. Thus, the EP wanted to draw the attention of the Yerevan authorities to a problem that had not been resolved over the years in the Nubarashen community under the condition that billions were spent for questionable purposes.
They used violence against women, beat women and forced them out of the hall. In the past, the RPA gave tough, frustrating responses to the members of the BS at the level of the hooligans.

Country Tsirani’s behavior is a separate subject matter, at the same time strangely enough for many, it is a form of political culture, a form of raising problems with highly creative technology. And any such technology is the enemy of the RPA’s stubborn organism, which is accustomed to «scandalous dirt» in the face of corruption.

It can be contrasted with legal, political, debate and other civilized means, but in the case of RPA it does not happen and can not happen.
Therefore, the reaction of the Republican Party is normal, the dirt goes out of the water, and the whole spectacle of the spirit and mind of the Republican Party of Armenia is drawn to the water.
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