Inch e exel Manuki het



make a pan and try to hide the tracks. «The body of my brother was wrapped in wire, but in the case» Providence «became a rope. Nobody asks how these disabled people put so large a stone on my brother’s head. We, Ruzanna, do not believe that Manuk’s murder has been done by Ruzanna. Ruzanna was my brother’s protector, and in her life she would not let her do that. That is why my brother lived so comfortably in his home because he knew he had a great protector, «he said. Simonyan. He also mentioned that the testimony also revealed the story of Manuk Simonyan’s son’s bride, or he was aware that the murdered woman was in a café with another woman. This was a jealousy with Ruzanna, and that’s why she axled her husband. «This is the century, for which they are axing people. There is no other fact. Besides, there are bruises on my brother’s body. He was beaten, «said Manuk’s brother. The brothers’ relatives tried to restore their brother’s Facebook page, but after a few days they found out that it was deleted. «My brother’s son has erased it. If he did not do that, why does he delete his father’s photos from the Internet? Together with my brother, we even opened a site for the memory of Manuk, but that’s what his son found and wiped out. And nobody wants to see all this, as it’s probably convenient. We have facts that we have to present. We have waited so long, we will wait a little. We will demand everything within the law. The Investigative Committee is hereby represented

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