Roza Fikberg@ krkin angam xaytarakec inqn iren, teseq inch e arel ays angam na

Singer Mher (Mher Mesropyan) is making a number of practical projects this year. In the near future, he is going to release his new album, which will include author’s songs. they are new things that the audience has not heard. Mher told «Zhoghovurd» that he is going to introduce new videos and new duets to fans. «I will present the first duo with my dear sister, this new song is about her sister and brother,» she said. We inquired from Mher whether his sister was a professional singer, after all, who she was and how it was decided that she should enter the art scene. «My sister has been singing for a long time, but she has taken her first steps in this area and we wanted the launch to be ours. I naturally help her. My name is Roza, she is presented as Rosa Philber. Philber is the pseudonym of the latter, he is 25 years old, «said the singer.

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