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Gayane Aslamazyan was born on October 19, 1976 in the Armenian capital Yerevan. He received his primary education at the N 35 secondary school in Yerevan, where he studied in 1983-1991. He continued his education at the Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex, which graduated in 1993.

Right after that, he entered the Department of Art Theory and History of the Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts in 1993, where he studied until 1998. In 1999-2002 he studied postgraduate studies. In 1993 he began his public career, becoming a journalist for the Yeso youth weekly. Gayane Aslamazyan is also a member of the Armenian Rheichik Center NGO since 1998.

From 2002 to 2003 he was the author and screenwriter of the program «The Culture of Our Homeland», broadcast on «Hayrenik» TV. Besides the pan-Armenian recognition, it enjoys popularity both abroad and abroad. In 2002, at the international teleconference in Yalta, this program was awarded the «Best Children’s Program» award. During the same festival Gayane Aslamazyan was awarded the Journalist of the Year by the Union of Journalists of the Russian Federation.

In 2003, at the invitation of the Union of Russian Jurists and the International Academy of Television and Radio (IATR), he participated in «Russia. Looking at the side «(Russia — Vzlylyaz in the Story). The «Siberian notes» (author and director) was recognized as the best and won a gold medal, as well as received a Special Prize by the Union of Russian Jurists. And in 2005, the «Siberian Records» work in Almaty was recognized as the best in the international competition of TV programs organized by «MIR» TV and Radio Company in «Road Records».

Gayane Aslamazyan was the press secretary of the Chairman of the Public Television and Radio Council of Armenia in 2003-2006. In the meantime he also conducted the «Good Lights» program. 2005-2006 — Director of Yerevan Radio Station.

In 2006 he opened his own exhibition hall and became its author and director. It was named as «Aslamazian Exhibition Hall» company. In his turn he continued his career in another TV company, Yerkir Media



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