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The defendant’s chair has three defendants: Petros Israelyan, nicknamed «Gegham from Charbakh» nicknamed Alik Banduryan, nicknamed «Noratus Alik» and Armen Gasparyan, who, according to the accusation, was a close friend of Noratus Alik and accompanied him constantly, With the help and enthusiasm of «Charlemak Gegham», Gevorg Avetisyan and other persons not investigated by the group, intentionally causing serious damage to Mushegh Musheghyan’s health, but demonstrated criminal inactivity and predestination He did not intentionally report to the competent authorities about the serious crime being committed. Armen Gasparyan was charged under Article 335 part 1 of the RA Criminal Code.
The other two defendants were subjected to heavy accusations.
Petros Israelyan, «Gegham Charbakh» is accused of deliberate murder in the group under Part 2 of Article 104 of the RA Criminal Code, and Alik Banduryan, «Noratus Alik», is charged with Article 38-112 of the RA Criminal Code, paragraph 6, to incite severe damage to the victim’s health, as a result of which the victim has died.
According to the charge, Noratus resident Alik called on Mushegh Musheghyan during his telephone conversation with Gegham from Charbakh. «Slaughter it, kill it, and break your feet with a baton.»
In other words, according to the charge, motivated Mushegh Musheghyan to cause serious damage to his health and «instigated and motivated by Petros Israelyan to commit murders on Mushegh Musheghyan.»

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