Incher Vano Siradexyan@ zgushacnum Vazgen Sargsyanin

About a year before the 1999 murder, Vano Siradeghyan sent a personal letter to Vazgen Sargsyan. Those who know Vano and Vazgen know that two friends often choose this form of communication and communication. Siradeghyan wrote the letter only with his exceptional artistic gift, eloquence, sorrow, and concern. To lose the taste and smell of the text, let us quote a few pieces of the letter addressed to the genius writer’s brother-in-law. «For months, in the public-political atmosphere of Armenia, the existence of your (the word about Vazgen Sargsyan)» suspends the development of Armenia «. Pay attention to the mischief of formulation … Armenia hates them. For that hatred (Kocharian-ed.), Revenge will be from prominent individuals. So only the case with you will not end. One of them is that they are resisting, and the other one is that they still exist, and the third one can be. Listen closely to your friends who are fighting, they are few, but you know their anti-Armenian nature …. »

Vano Siradeghyan completes a sad ending letter to Vazgen Sargsyan. «By submitting an application, putting your companions and surroundings in danger, your destruction is the ruin of everybody, the terrors that await Armenia for years … Let’s talk about it. How many people have left you?

P.S. There are seven months you have been in the rules of the game. Replace the rules of the game. Today, your rebellion is not seen in the second, the first will be the final rebellion. Ara, as long as Demirchyan has not eaten his head. »

Vano Siradeghyan was well aware of the essence of Robert Kocharyan and his entourage, adding Vano’s thought of the extraordinary ability to predict events, and he predicted the October 27 bloody murder and its bloody continuation.

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